Coding for Beginners

March 30, 2021

Coding is the language of the future and it has its own syntax and grammar. It is the process of creating step-by-step instructions a computer understands and needs in order to perform specific functions. Learning how to code does not only help students become software engineers in the future, but rather help them develop a language skill which will be used in almost every field in future jobs.

When students understand coding, they start to think and process information differently and become active co-creators in the technology used around them. It will allow them tackle large problems by breaking them down into a sequence of smaller problems, combining math, logic and algorithm. This kind of problem-solving skill ultimately helps reduce fear of math and boosts critical thinking and creativity.

Coding will help students master technology to solve problems in almost any discipline, since the coding approach is being used in fields as diverse as biology, archaeology and music.

Today, schools around the world are emphasizing on teaching coding to students starting primary school. Coding First provides online coding and STEAM curriculum to students of all grades with an interactive, robust and teacher-friendly platform.

Whether you are a school or an educational institute, there is no better time to teach coding to your students than the present!