Introduction to Coding Logic
This course is designed to introduce beginners to coding essentials. Through interactive projects in Trinket software, students explore key concepts such as sequences, loops, conditionals, and more. The course emphasizes logical thinking and problem-solving skills while delving into the creative aspects of coding. It covers important blocks similar to Scratch Level 1, including variables, lists, loops, mathematical functions, and conditionals. Additionally, the inclusion of the turtle function allows students to draw shapes using a computer pen. Overall, this course provides a solid foundation for further coding education and serves as a good preparation for the coming Scratch course.
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Overview & Highlights

Contact Hours
Course Overview
Logic Building
Learn how use logic to make programs and solve complex problems.
Mathematical Concepts
Learn about a key mathematical concept in programming, the coordinate system.
Game Design
Learn the different aspects of game design and make games and animations.
Conditional Statements
Learn about using conditional statements to make decisions in computer programs.
Concept of time
Learn how to use time to control several aspect of your code such as the delays and speed.
Sequence and Loops
Learn how to write smart programs with loops and sequence.

Lesson Plans
Class Management
Manage and observe student work from a user-friendly dashboard with class management features.
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