k-12 Coding Curriculum

March 10, 2021

Computers are a part of almost every industry and are changing the way we live. Equally, this is true in education because computers and technology are used to deliver curriculum and offer opportunities for students to interact with technology. To better understand the role of computing in the world, we need to dive deeper and educate students on the basics of computer science.

Most students are taught only how to use computer and web-based software, rather than creating ways for them to use computational thinking and computer programming to solve authentic problems. One dimension of computer science that can easily be integrated into the curriculum is teaching students to code.

Offering computational thinking strategies with coding as part of the curriculum for K-12 students will have the exposure to 21st century skills that enable them to be successful in their future careers. In addition, research indicates that coding provides cognitive advantages to learning. “Learning a system of signs, symbols, and rules to communicate - that is, language study - improves thinking by challenging the brain to recognize, negotiate meaning and master different language patterns.” (Adams & Mower, 2013).

Coding involves problem-solving, perseverance, collaboration, mathematical logic, and reasoning skills. Could anyone argue that these are not skills that we want for all students? It can be easy to get caught up in the common barriers of why not to code, such as lack of time, lack of knowledge, or lack of resources. But coding can be integrated into any curriculum and the learning can take place along with the students. There are many low or no-cost solutions to teaching students to code.

Why Implement Coding First’s Curriculum at your school?

  • Programming editors embedded in our website 

  • No need to download additional software to start learning 

  • Website can be used on any computer with Chrome browser 

  • Teachers don't need to prepare lesson plans, lesson notes or quizzes. The website includes everything allowing the teacher to focus more on the student's learning experience. 

  • Paperless learning, all quizzes are graded automatically. Students can login anytime to review Coding First

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