Coding Curriculum for Middle School

March 12, 2021

For students who missed the chance to code in K-5, middle school offers a wider range of opportunity. Today, middle school teachers are incorporating coding courses into the curriculum to help students build foundational computer science and coding skills, setting them on a pathway to excel in more advanced programs in high school and beyond.

Students at this age often develop an interest in programming by creating video games or building their own websites. These types of projects use creativity to introduce and develop core skills. So, by the time students enter high school, they won’t be afraid of computer science. Instead, they will be in a position to embrace it, and even pursue advanced study.

Other important reasons to teach coding to middle schoolers include:

  1. It sparks interest in technology

  2. It opens up a new domain of knowledge

  3. It addresses the gender gap

  4. It provides momentum for CS curriculum

Is your school teaching coding? Middle school is such an exciting time for exploration…

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