Python for Beginners

March 24, 2021

Gone are the days when coding was learnt much later in life. These days, it is common to see high school students learning to code. Most schools have started understanding the benefits that coding has for these students.

Python has gained popularity among professional coders for the past few years.  Did you know that Python is easy to learn, and even high school students can learn it?

In this article, we list the top four reasons why python programming is perfect for students who want to become future developers.

Python Programming is Perfect for Beginners

Unlike the majority of programming languages, Python’s syntax is concise and easily readable by humans. It mirrors the human language far better than any other programming language which makes it an ideal language for beginners. Writing code in Python is similar to writing commands in plain English. As beginners, students will quickly pick up the basics and learn how to use this language for game development and animation.

Python is User-Friendly

Python is great for high school students, especially as a first language. New programmers can go right from the very first simple “Hello world” programs to creating games. It’s an amazing, text-based coding language and a perfect resource to follow up more visual, block-based coding programs geared toward pre-reading audiences. With Python, youngsters can begin to transform their ideas into reality. 

The Demand for Python is Continually Growing

While the accessibility for young coders is a great element provided by Python, perhaps the best news is that this doesn’t come at the cost of professional credentials. Python actually powers plenty of professional applications, is regularly seen as one of the best programming languages, and is recognized as the fastest programming language of recent years.

Python is Here to Stay 

Even though Python has changed and evolved over the years, the structure of the language still remains relatively intact. The same methods and functions from a decade ago are almost identical to the ones used today.

Once your students pick up the basics of coding in Python, their skill will never become outdated. According to Daxx, Python is the second highest-paying computer language in the U.S. With an average annual income of $103,492, Python coders come second to Ruby developers.

Python for high school students is exploding in popularity, as more parents and educators view it as a beginner-friendly coding language that imparts immediately transferable 21st century skills.

What are your thoughts about Python as a coding language for high school students?