Coding First Educational Platform Introduction
Coding First is tailor made to help student exceed expectations and excel in the AP, IB and A-Level computer science examinations.
Your all in one curriculum
STEM.ORG U.S. certified curriculum
1000+ hours of teaching material for all grades. Detailed lesson plans specifically designed to help the teachers to effectively guide the class, lesson notes, exercises, interactive practices, graded quizzes and problems.
User-friendly platform
An all-in-one platform containing coding editors and all teaching material for the best class experience.
Paperless learning
Learn without the need of printing quizzes and exercises. All exercises have hints and answers in the platform and all quizzes are automatically graded.
Project-based learning
Learning by making is the best way to learn. Well instructed projects are included to let students see the products of their learning.
Teacher Trainings
Teacher trainings are given at the beginning of each semester to equip beginner teacher with all the know-how they need to deliver successful classes.
Year long support
Coding First is always available for support in case of problems and questions.
Curriculum Pathway
A clear path for educational success from G1 to G12
Coding First lower Elementary
A broad and balanced curriculum:
  • Learning basic programming using a graphical programming software
  • Through coding puzzles, projects and stories, they grasp basic concepts in programming
Coding First Upper Elementary
A broad and balanced curriculum:
  • Learning key computer science concepts by building projects of animated stories and games.
  • Scratch plays the role of a bridge by preparing and equipping students with the necessary logic and programming concepts so that they find it easy to learn syntax coding at a later stage
Coding First Middle School
A broad and balanced curriculum:
  • Learning to code using syntax and a software tool that serves as a gentle introduction to syntax-based coding languages.
  • Through creating websites and visual coding sketches, students produce amazing projects and explore new opportunities to utilize computational power across disciplines.
Coding First Secondary School
A broad and balanced curriculum:
  • Designed for any student curious about the power of computers and technology, students learn the basics computer science by programming a series of fun projects and rewarding code challenges.
  • In addition to syntax programming and computer science concepts, students also learn to think about problems logically and solve them systematically.
Students learning computer science through the Coding First K-12 pathway will learn foundational skills in computer science preparing them for the next step in their learning, whether that is taking an additional course or pursuing computer science in college or career.
Grade Course Description
Grade 1 Coding without computers Introduction to directions, dimensions and sequential thinking
Grade 2 Scratch Junior Level 1 Introduction to algorithms and coding with blocks
Grade 3 Scratch Junior Level 2 Learning loops and conditionals by coding games
Grade 4 Scratch Level 1 Learning beginner computer science concepts by building animated stories and games.
Grade 5 Scratch Level 2 Learning key computer science concepts such as loops, conditionals and abstraction, by building animated stories and games.
Grade 6 Scratch Level 3 Learning advanced computer science concepts such as functions by building animated stories and games.
Grade 7 Web development with HTML, CSS Learning the basics of building a website through programming fun webpages.
Grade 8 Web development with JavaScript Learning the basics of Javascript and combining it with HTML and CSS to create interactive websites.
Grade 9 AP Computer Science Level 1 with Java Learning basic Java syntax necessary to prepare the AP computer science examination through creating amazing graphic arts.
Grade 10 AP Computer Science Level 2 with Java Learning advanced Java syntax and prepare to the AP computer science by learning advanced coding concepts such as variables, operators, functions and more.
Grade 11 Coding in Python Level 1 Learning python syntax through solving real life problems
Grade 12 Coding in Python Level 2 Solving advanced problems and learning core computer science algorithms.
What is the Coding First Platform?
The Coding First Platform (link to the video) s a comprehensive teaching platform for helping schools teach computer science. We provide web-based curriculum, teacher tools and resources, and professional development. By leveraging the Coding First web-based platform, teachers can access all of the tools they need to teach elementary, middle school or high school computer science courses, all in one place.
What is the Coding First?
Coding First curriculum is a K-12 coding curriculum that takes students from learning to thinking like a programmer. Coding First provides easy to follow lesson plans focused on student outcomes so teachers can teach their students to code, with no or little computer science knowledge.

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